Election Day 2020: The One We never Saw Coming

One-on-One interviews with Cambridge Workers.

Zoe Z., Myala C, Kaz A., and Erick B

A historic Election to say the least, we waited patiently for answers as poll workers across the country counted every vote. An election year like no other. Despite the COVID-19 global pandemic, which has put the world on halt, one of the world’s most notable democracies continues with its election. We sat down, over Zoom, with two Cambridge poll workers, who have graciously given us insight on what it was like to work the polls amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We interviewed them pre-election to hear about their training, and post election to get an idea of what the polls were like on November 3rd. This is in no way a representation of all poll workers across the country, just in our hometown of Cambridge.