The Word 1102

with Asmayt & Zoe

Media Journalism Class


Zoe and Asmayt

On this segment of The Word, we will bring you uplifting stories to ring in the new year. We know 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, whether that’s people losing their jobs, the struggle with online school, and other serious issues, but let’s use this time to take a moment and focus on all the good still left in our world. In our first story, we will discuss some local businesses in your area that you can support. First, Brattle Square Florists (, then Darwin’s ( and lastly, Porter Square Books ( We will also discuss some incredible organizations and causes that could use your help this holiday season. Like always, if you are in a place of privilege, or have a platform, make sure to use it for good; during this bit, we will also discuss some key ways you can help. Lastly, we will inform you about some exciting news regarding the UN’s goals for climate change. We hope this special edition of the Word can bring a smile to your face, so happy holidays and a happy new year, stay safe!