Should High Schoolers Vote In School Committee Elections?

Ninth Grade Mock Election 2021

Media Journalism Class

Feven, Tiana, and Ymari , Producers

This fall in anticipation of city elections, ninth graders at CRLS created a mock election about the candidates in the school committee.  The goal of the project was for all grades to be educated on the school committee and then eventually vote through this mock election. In our video we will be interviewing multiple ninth graders from Ms.Kabongo’s third period class, and discuss their work on the mock election and the importance of voting. Over the course of the project students created a website, election posters, get out the vote psa’s and produced a successful mock election.  In the end a larger percentage of students voted that then general public. “We are trying to provide as much information to them as possible before the election happens. Our project is important because we need to get more people to participate in these elections and events.”  School committee elections determine the future of education in Cambridge which has a direct affect on kids futures. 


Speaking with a ninth grade researcher from Ms.Kabongo’s third period history class

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