Media Arts Student Film Festival

Henry F., Noel E., Priyota, Sara, Tavi P., Washington B., and Natalye S

MAFF: Media Arts Student Film Festival 15 5/25/23

The Media Arts Studio invites you to the 15th annual Media Arts Film Festival! Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of our Media Arts students, with a screening of the videos created throughout the 2023 school year.
Who: The CRLS Media Arts club members and work study youth
What: A film screening of audio/visual content created by students
When: May 25, at 6:00pm
Where: MIT Museum Gambrill Center, 314 Main St, Cambridge, MA 02142. (located near Kendall Sq)
How: In person, online, and live on cambridge 98 TV.
Why: Because media is meant to be shared with the world, and we love to celebrate your hard work! Also free cake and pizza!


 5/25/2023 7:36:50 PM