Anna’s Dependable Take-Out

Affordable and Filling

Akale A and Gefen S

This is a review of Anna’s Taqueria, a small chain in the Cambridge and Boston area. Anna’s serves burritos, drinks, quesadillas and a few other foods.  Anna’s is local, delicious and a very nice establishment to visit.              


One of our favorite things about Anna’s is their rice.  As a base of many of their meals it is perfectly seasoned. It’s good on it’s own and compliments the rich flavor of their vegetables, beans and meat.  The rice is consistently delicious, there are no bad rice days at Anna’s.  While the rice is one must have, the fresh lemonade is another.  The fresh lemonade at Anna’s is always cool and refreshing, it is sweet, but not too sweet and always freshly made.  The lemonade comes in very well sized cups as well, so you are never left thirsty.  

   Another favorite item from the menu is the “Super Burrito”.  Right when you choose this burrito you will be given the option to put your tortilla on a steamer with cheese, which we recommend. Then, you will have many options of what main protein to put in the burrito. This ranges from a variety of chicken, carnitas, steak.  Vegetarians can stick with mixed grilled vegetables or bean or both. This is followed by the type of rice you would like, brown or white rice. After, you decide what beans you would like; either black, pinto, or refried beans. Lastly, it’s your choice to add whatever toppings you desire in your burrito. This can be sour cream, lettuce, salsa, guacamole, and more. The price of a “Super Burrito” usually averages to about $9.