In search of solutions for Micro-aggressions

Media Journalism Class

Sami, Mark, Anthony, Producers

Micro-aggressions are by definition seemingly small things that can have a big impact on people, and often go undiscussed. Our project attempts to evoke emotion in our audience because people realize a lot of small moments can have a big impact.  It’s also clear that micro-aggressions are more prevalent than previously acknowledged. The piece was constructive and sensitive as it’s a sensitive issue. When it came down to finding people to share about micro-aggressions, we found in many cases that many students had experienced them, but were reluctant to publicly share their experiences for our video. They seemed apologetic and many cited a desire to maintain anonymity, some saying that they didn’t want to publicly speak out against members of CRLS administration who had committed micro-aggressions.  If you don’t know what micro-aggressions are educate yourself.

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