Media Club Election


Henry F.





Henry Frederick Grey featured on left, Principal Damon Smith on right. 

“My name is Henry Frederick-Gray, and I am currently running for president of the CRLS Media Arts Club. The Media Arts club has existed at CRLS for 15 years and is still going strong. At Media Arts Club we produce video and audio content such as shorts, shows, podcasts, songs, and many other things. Content made through the club is aired on Channel 98 of Cambridge closed circuit television. The presidential election will be hosted on May 1st in the Media Arts Studio (MAS) at 4:00 pm. Anyone who has appeared in content for Media Arts Club is welcome to vote, and I will be bringing in hot fudge sundaes with homemade brownies for all voters (with a lactose free alternative).“Natalye Smith and I are the current running candidates, and we both hope to see you around the studio and on Election Day!”

Hi, I’m Natalye, and I’m running for MAS president. I don’t get a whole lot of rights as president, but I’ll try to convince Josh to do what you guys want, and I’ll also be petitioning for drinks to go along with the MAS pretzels (they get salty after a while). I’ll also try to get some cooler props for the studio, and improve our green screen set up. I’ll also encourage everyone to learn how to buzz people in, so we can cut down on wait time for those trying to enter the building. I’m super stoked about the chance to be president, and I hope you’ll vote Natalye for YVC. 

                               Hi, I’m Natalye. Some words that describe me are:






                                                Vote Natalye for YVC PREZ